Custom Logos

Effective sign design can be hard to find.  We work to provide ideas that maximize the impact of your Company's image.

An example is the photo to the right (top).  A General at Lackland AFB  wanted a raised look to the blue shield.  At that time the most used method was cast bronze or aluminum plaques.  These are very expensive and limited in color and design.  Diana and I suggested sandblasting from 2" thick High Density Foam.

In order the achieve the 3-D look Diana seperated each color to determine how to produce the 3-D look.  I sandlasted out the background to acheive the raised copy and border.  Diana then cut the layered sections on the bandsaw or had the additional layers laser cut.  Each layer was then painted and hand assembled.   All the logos and shields shown under "Sandblasted Logos & Shields" were done in a simular manner.

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